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Article: The Ascetic Life of the Ultrarunner, by Miriam Díaz-Gilbert

Miriam Díaz-Gilbert’s article describes how her experience training for a highly rigorous sport can be compared to Christian ascetic practices. Here are the article’s introductory paragraphs: The early Christian ascetic body. The modern-day ultrarunner body. What kinship do they share? This … Continue reading


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Dissertation: Friendship with the Saints: A Practical Theological Reading of Teresa of Avila as a Spiritual Companion, by Tara Soughers

Combining the approaches of practical theology and spirituality studies, Tara Soughers explores the writings of Teresa of Avila on spiritual companionship. When understood within their historical contexts, the writings of the saints can offer a great deal to contemporary practice … Continue reading

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Media: Retrieving Women’s Voices in the Christian Theological Tradition: Four Doctors of the Church, by Elizabeth A. Dreyer

Because of a new publication by SSCS member Elizabeth Dreyer, a new category has been added to this blog: Media. Available in DVD, CD, and MP3 formats, Dreyer’s Retrieving Women’s Voices in the Christian Theological Tradition uses video and audio recordings to communicate information … Continue reading

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Article: Friendship with Teresa of Avila: Spiritual Companionship Across Time and Space, by Tara K. Soughers

Published in the Fall 2014 issue of Spiritus (v. 14, n. 2, pp. 166-186), Tara Sougher’s article explores how academic study of a spiritual writer’s works can lead to a personal relationship with the author. An earlier version of this article was awarded … Continue reading

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Book: Accidental Theologians: Four Women Who Shaped Christianity, by Elizabeth A. Dreyer

Elizabeth Dreyer’s new book offers an introduction to four of the most important women theologians and spiritual teachers in the Christian tradition. Its publisher, Franciscan Media, offers the following summary: One might well be tempted to think that the history of … Continue reading

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Book Chapter: Teresa of Avila’s Evolving Practices of ‘Representing’ Christ in Prayer by Mary Frohlich

Appearing in Meditation in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Cultural Histories, a volume of essays edited by Halvor Eifring (New York: Bloomsbury, 2013), Mary Frohlich’s essay describes the various forms of prayer found in Teresa’s writings and how Teresa eventually developed “a far more … Continue reading

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