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Article: The Feminine Spirituality of St. Teresa Of Avila: Ascending to God by Descending in Humility, by Annie Pan Yi Jung

Scholars of writings by past masters in Christian spirituality often find teachings of great relevance for contemporary readers. Such is the case in this article where the author, Annie Pan Yi Jung, explores the importance of Teresa’s writing for feminine … Continue reading

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Article: The Ascetic Life of the Ultrarunner, by Miriam Díaz-Gilbert

Miriam Díaz-Gilbert’s article describes how her experience training for a highly rigorous sport can be compared to Christian ascetic practices. Here are the article’s introductory paragraphs: The early Christian ascetic body. The modern-day ultrarunner body. What kinship do they share? This … Continue reading

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Paper: The Awe-Filledness of Awfulness: Experiencing God in Suffering

This post is another in a series of posts describing papers delivered at the “Wondrous Fear and Holy Awe” conference held at the University of Notre Dame earlier this summer.  The paper described below was by Hans Gustafson, Associate Director, Jay … Continue reading

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Book Chapter: Suffering in Christian Life and Experience by Elizabeth A. Dreyer

In: Suffering and the Christian Life, ed., Richard W. Miller.  Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Press, 2013. Pp. 127-148.  From the editor’s Introduction: “In the sixth and final essay, Elizabeth A. Dreyer distinguishes the multitude of uses for the word suffering and reflects upon the challenge … Continue reading

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