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Article: Bible Study as Luminous Converting Encounter: Swiss Pietist Initiatives in 19th-Century French Canada, by Glen G. Scorgie

In this article, the author Glen Scorgie describes how 19th century Swiss evangelical missionaries to Canada introduced a contemplative form of shared scripture reading which led to mystical experience and conversion. Here is the article’s abstract: This article examines the … Continue reading


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Essay: ’To Gaze on the Beauty of the Lord’: The Evangelical Resistance and Retrieval of Contemplation, by Tom Schwanda

This essay by Tom Schwanda appears in Embracing Contemplation: Reclaiming a Christian Spiritual Practice which according to the publisher “offers a distinctly evangelical consideration of the benefits of contemplation.” In their introduction to the volume, the book’s editors write that … Continue reading

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Essay: Gazing at the Wounds: The Blood of the Lamb Imagery in the Hymns John Cennick, by Tom Schwanda

Appearing in the volume Heart Religion: The Reshaping of Protestant Piety, The Sources and Nature of British Pietism, 1690–1860 (edited by John Coffey, Oxford University Press, 2016, pp. 113­–137), Tom’s essay explores a theme found in many hymns by John Cennick, (1718 … Continue reading

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Paper: ‘Holy, Solemn, Humble Awe’ in the Spiritual Writings of Susanna Anthony

Another paper from the recent SSCS conference “Wondrous Fear and Holy Awe” at the University of Notre Dame, this time by Tom Schwanda, associate professor of Christian Formation and Ministry at Wheaton College.   Here is the abstract: Healthy and balanced Evangelical spirituality … Continue reading

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