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Article: The Night Office: Loss, Darkness, and the Practice of Solidarity, by Douglas E. Christie

In contrast to its cataphatic spirituality and its emphasis on divine presence, fullness, and light, Christianity’s apophatic spiritual practices offer believers an alternative path that reflects the human experience of divine absence, emptiness, and darkness. Douglas Christie‘s article introduces his … Continue reading


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Essay: Exegesis as Metaphysics : Eriugena and Eckhart on Reading Genesis 1-3, by Bernard McGinn

In Eriugena and Creation: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Eriugenian Studies, held in honor of Edouard Jeauneau, Chicago, 9-12 November 2011 (Brepols, 2014, pp. 463-499), McGinn begins and ends his essay with references to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, … Continue reading

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Article: The Deus Absconditus of Scripture: An Apophatic Hermeneutic for Christian Contemplatives, by Vincent Pizzuto

In his article appearing in the May 2014 issue of Biblical Theology Bulletin (v.44,n. 2, pp.100-108), Vincent Pizzuto argues that negative theology can make a valuable contribution to contemporary biblical scholarship. Here’s the abstract: The profusion of conflicting images of God … Continue reading

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Article: Reflections on the Nothingness of God, by Bernard McGinn

Bernard McGinn, the current President of the SSCS, contributed an article to the January 2014 issue of Vinayasadhana: Dharmaram Journal of Psycho-Spiritual Formation, v.5, n. 1. Here is the abstract: There is a long tradition in Christian history that prizes … Continue reading

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Book Chapter: Hidden God and Hidden Self: The Emergence of Apophatic Anthropology in Christian Mysticism by Bernard McGinn

In Histories of the Hidden God: Concealment and Revelation in Western Gnostic, Esoteric, and Mystical Traditions, edited by Grant Adamson and April D. Deconick (Acumen Publishing, 2013), pp. 87-100.  Here’s an excerpt from McGinn’s introductory section: It is important to note that … Continue reading

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