Book: From Strength to Strength: Seven Timeless Virtues for Christian Discipleship, by Joseph LaBelle, OMI

Fr. Joseph LaBelle‘s book has deep roots in Christianity’s spiritual tradition as it draws on biblical, patristic, and medieval sources. But he also incorporates contemporary religious and secular sources to show how timeless (and contemporary) the seven virtues of discipleship are. Here is an excerpt from the book’s introduction:

The book does not pretend to be a theological study of the proposed virtues, nor is it specifically a “how to” manual; rather, it examines the seven qualities through the practical (lived) Christian spirituality along the arc of its long history. The overall methodology for each chapter has two parts. The first offers a historical and traditional appreciation for the given virtue through the mid-twentieth century, . . . [T]he second part of the chapter searches for additional insight and examples from a range of contemporary sources (Christian and non-Christian religious traditions, secular movements, the sciences, etc.). The final chapter section proposes a contemporary vision for how the time-honored Christian virtue may be appropriated in light of God’s continual engagement with the world.

LaBelle, Joseph. From Strength to Strength: Seven Timeless Virtues for Christian Discipleship. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2020.

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