Article: Transforming Christian Spirituality: Hermeneutical Method and Methodology, by Annie Pan Yi Jung

Dr. Pan Yi Jung‘s article argues for the need of bridging the gap between theory and practice, and doing so within the Chinese context. Her discussion includes a proposal for an integrative approach. Here is the article’s opening paragraph:

Teaching students to engage a classical text of spirituality and equipping them to interpret it theologically has been one of my major commitments in theological education. I perceive the demanding need to explore a hermeneutical methodology as one engages with spiritual text, church’s praxis and strategic action within one’s own cultural-political context. This essay thus focuses on one question: What kind of methodology should one adopt in order to bridge the ever widening gap between the reasoning of spiritual theory and text on the one hand and the analysis of practice and experience on the other, and to connect truly and integrate firmly the two within the Chinese context in the study of Christian spirituality in theological education?

Pan Yi Jung, Annie. “Transforming Christian Spirituality: Hermeneutical Method and Methodology.” Mysterion 12, no. 2 (December 2019): 363–373.

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