Article: The Feminine Spirituality of St. Teresa Of Avila: Ascending to God by Descending in Humility, by Annie Pan Yi Jung

Scholars of writings by past masters in Christian spirituality often find teachings of great relevance for contemporary readers. Such is the case in this article where the author, Annie Pan Yi Jung, explores the importance of Teresa’s writing for feminine spirituality. Here is the article’s opening paragraph:

Female spirituality is a new research area in Chinese seminaries as well as in most Chinese churches. Recently, discussions on female Christian spiritual formation have become the focus in different occasions and international conferences. One of the research methods of feminine spirituality is to draw insight from spiritual classics and to make them meaningful in contemporary context. Although St. Teresa of Avila lived and wrote almost five centuries ago,1 her spirituality, as exemplified by her holy life and inspiring writings, remain meaningful, relevant, and influential to many Christians today. In this paper on Teresa’s feminine spirituality, a couple of key questions that have continually occupied my mind are: What are the distinctive feminine perspectives in this female mystic’s writings? What does Teresa’s feminine spirituality mean to contemporary Christians, especially its relevance to their self-transformation?

Pan Yi Jung, Annie. “The Feminine Spirituality of St. Teresa Of Avila: Ascending to God by Descending in Humility.” Asia Pacific Mission Studies 2, no. 1 (2020): 78-100.

Free access to the article is available.

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