Book: The 20-Minute Retreat: 18 Sessions with the Saints to Nourish Your Faith Life, by David B. Perrin

The book is a spiritual resource drawing on the lived wisdom of holy figures such as Teresa of Kolkata, Francis de Sales, Raymund Nonnatus, and Hildegard of Bingen. According to Gerald O’Collins, SJ, ““Perrin’s . . . accessible language, the questions he raises, his appeal to lived experiences, the choice of saints to accompany prayer, and his very practical advice converge to produce an admirable guide.” Here is a summary of the book:

David B. Perrin, Ph.D., former President of the SSCS, has just published a new book: The 20-Minute Retreat: 18 Sessions with the Saints to Nourish Your Faith Life.  The book contains a series of thoughtful, faith-filled meditations for people who seek to find space for prayer and reflection at their own pace and in their own time.  Explore such themes as leadership, sin, justice, prayer, blessing and the cross with selected companion saints who have walked these paths and can guide us on the way.

The book is published by Twenty-Third Publications in the United States under the title: 20-Minute Retreats With the Saints and by Novalis Books in Canada under the title: The 20-Minute Retreat.

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