Article: Transformations: The World Religions Survey through an Adjunct Feminist Lens, by Alison Downie

In an article appearing in Teaching Theology & Religion (18, 3, July 2015: 193-206), Alison writes about her attempts to offer opportunities for transformative learning by her students, an approach supported by training as a feminist theologian. Here is the abstract:

This essay describes a transformation in my experience as an adjunct teaching underprepared students  from one of shame toward a desire to assert the value of this work. Insights from my feminist theological training helped me to affirm the importance of encouraging transformative learning in teaching the academically marginalized and prompted my analysis of student writing in an introductory World
Religions course, in order to determine whether or not the course was a site of transformative learning. I argue that despite many contextual limitations, the movement toward deepening self-awareness and increasing openness to religious diversity seen in student writing demonstrates that transformative learning began in this course, and that is valuable for students’ lives whether or not they are academically successful.

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