Paper: The Difference Bhaskar’s Philosophy of Meta-Reality Makes for Post-Secular Holism and the Makings of Holiness, by Dudley Alexander Schreiber

The SSCS meeting held in Johannesburg, South Africa in May 2015 was a wonderful opportunity for scholars of Christian spirituality to share their research. This paper is the first of several that will be posted on this blog as a way of sharing papers given at the meeting beyond the the physical event itself. Any SSCS member can request a copy from the moderator. Here’s the abstract for Schreiber’s paper:

Of no small concern, dualism in Western mind – reaching a zenith under the philosophical discourse of modernism, has enacted a wounding of perception/knowledge, wherein we are delivered into a transformation-devoid demi-reality of intractable antinomy and dichotomous relations in world society. Liberating discourse on being and spirituality is the holy work of philosophers under a loose co-operation here aptly called post-secular holism. The work is foundational and new, legitimizing a more conciliatory relationship between the sacred and profane, a negotiation important to recent conversations and here enriched by Bhaskar’s re-conceptualization of co-presence and transcendence said to emerge from non-dual, sui generis ground states or conditions upon which the world of duality, splits and enmity, nevertheless depends. It is hoped, this excursion into meta-theory and philosophy of meta-Reality, may empower our contemporary reach for the “holy”.

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