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Article: “To Gaze on the Beauty of the Lord”: The Evangelical Resistance and Retrieval of Contemplation, by Tom Schwanda

In a recent article published in Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care (Spring 2014, v. 7, n. 1, pp. 62-84), Tom Schwanda argues that, contra some Evangelical critics of contemplative practice, contemplation has a place in the Evangelical church. Here’s … Continue reading

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Article: The Deus Absconditus of Scripture: An Apophatic Hermeneutic for Christian Contemplatives, by Vincent Pizzuto

In his article appearing in the May 2014 issue of Biblical Theology Bulletin (v.44,n. 2, pp.100-108), Vincent Pizzuto argues that negative theology can make a valuable contribution to contemporary biblical scholarship. Here’s the abstract: The profusion of conflicting images of God … Continue reading

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