Article: “A Grace of Sense” by Mark S. Burrows

In the Fall 2013 issue of Spiritus, a short essay by Mark Burrows (the Poetry Editor of Spiritus) introduces six short pieces on poetry and spirituality. Here’s an excerpt from his essay:

The idea for this symposium originated several years ago out of conversations I had with the journal’s editor, Douglas Christie. As long-time readers of Spiritus will know, most issues of the journal, from its inception more than a decade ago, have included contributions by contemporary poets. That decision seems appropriate, at least in terms of the range of poems we have published and the generous sense of spirituality that shapes this journal’s identity. But while the presence of poems as “primary texts” in the wider horizon of spiritual literature illumines this connection, and the use of poetry by authors of essays that have found their way to these pages has not been infrequent, this symposium is a new feature for the journal: it is the first time we have invited artists to help us understand the relation of “Word and Spirit,” generally understood, in this case by inviting their reflections on the ways that spirituality informs their poetry. Here, then, is the fruit of their creative efforts in response to our query.

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