Paper: To Praise and Live as ‘Love’s Apprentice’: The Poetry of Anne Porter

This paper by Dana Greene was presented at the recent SSCS conference “Wondrous Fear and Holy Awe” at the University of Notre Dame.   Here is the abstract:

Anne Channing Porter’s poetry gives witness to an inner life nurtured by a love of the natural world and purified by suffering from a turbulent marriage.   At age eighty-two she was named a National Book Award finalist for her first collection of poems.  In these she aims for transparency and the revelation of mystery inherent in everyday life.  A convert to Catholicism, Porter rejected  the designation “religious” poet, nonetheless her poems  combine a contemplative seeing, an incarnational awareness of spirit in matter, and a prophetic urgency to live as “Love’s apprentice,” responding with compassion toward those of “humble goodness.”

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