Book: Spiritual Connection in Daily Life, by Lynn Underwood

Lynn Underwood’s book has just been published, along with a web page with information about it.

According to Lynn, “The book uses sixteen questions, the scientifically validated Daily Spiritual Experience Scale (DSES), developed using extensive cross-cultural and in depth interviews.  This included people from an international sample from many faiths as well as in-depth interviews with many from the US including people from the inner city and Cistercian monks.  The scale has been used in DMin theses in a number of denominations and as an outcome measure in many Christian and secular organizations.  It has been used by graduate students at the University of Notre Dame, Fordham and Fuller Theological Seminary.  The DSES has been used in over 150 published studies linking it to a variety of good things such as positive health behaviors, mental well-being, and less burnout, as well as being used as an outcome in and of itself. It has been translated into over 30 languages including Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew, and Mandarin Chinese. It has been useful in Christian contexts, but works for religions more widely and for those less comfortable with religion and in the context of inter-religious and religious-secular dialog.”

A web page is available with information about the Daily Spiritual Experience Scale with links to three scholarly articles about the scale authored or co-authored by Lynn.

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