Paper: Spirituality of Human Sexuality: A Theological and Anthropological Perspective

A paper presented by Zoltán Szalos-Farkas Adventist Theological Institute, Cernica, Romania, at the Annual Scientific Symposium of the Adventist Theological Institute, Bucharest-Cernica, Romania, April 10, 2012.  The paper is going to be published as a chapter in a new book to be released by the Biblical Research Institute, Silver Springs, Maryland, USA, entitled, Marriage: Biblical, Theological, and Historical Aspects.

Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to probe into the theological and anthropological foundations of the spirituality of human sexuality. The methodological tool that has been deployed in the current research has been the biblical definition of spirituality. As a guiding point of reference, the biblical view of spirituality has helped the author in reaching the conclusion that the “humanness” and “spirituality” of human sexuality are closely interlinked, and are firmly rooted in the first and foremost of the two creationist purposes of human sexuality within the covenantal bounds of marriage. This is to say that the spirituality of human sexuality resides in the ongoing achievement and deepening, wrought by the Holy Spirit on behalf of the Trinitarian God of Scripture, of the oneness and union of the binitarian man (Gen 5:1-2) made up of a male and a female in their covenantal relationship (Gen 2:24).

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