Book Chapter: Suffering in Christian Life and Experience by Elizabeth A. Dreyer

In: Suffering and the Christian Lifeed., Richard W. Miller.  Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Press, 2013. Pp. 127-148.  From the editor’s Introduction: “In the sixth and final essay, Elizabeth A. Dreyer distinguishes the multitude of uses for the word suffering and reflects upon the challenge of finding meaning in suffering.  Dr. Dreyer examines the personal and global contexts of suffering, distinguishes various types of suffering, and identifies seven themes related to suffering that are particularly relevant and pressing for our time: the evil of suffering in itself; various images of God created in response to the problem of suffering; the call to alleviate suffering; the importance of prophetic witness; loss and grief; prayer and ritual; and hope.  In terms of hope she concludes that the Christian God takes human suffering seriously, to the point of entering into it with compassion, love and courage, and thus transforming it through the pain of the Spirit.”

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