Papers: Michel de Certeau Symposium

The latest issue of Spiritus (Fall 2012) has the following papers by SSCS members:

  • Michel de Certeau: Spirituality and The Practice of Everyday Life by Philip Sheldrake
  • “Things that used to be familiar . . . become strange”: de Certeau and the Possession at Loudun by Douglas E. Christie

Both papers were delivered at a symposium on Michel de Certeau during the 2011 meeting of the AAR. Spiritus editor Christie writes in his introduction that the symposium “touches on this and many other questions arising from his life and work on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his death. He remains an immensely challenging thinker, not least because of his insistence on paying careful attention to and documenting the minute particulars of human experience, and giving voice to the nearly endless complexity of the historical and cultural contexts in which they find their meaning.”

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